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July 2016 Sweepstakes Winner


Dennis Foulks is the winner of the July 2016 $1,000 Make Real Change Sweepstakes.
Dennis is the first winner of this 6-month sweepstakes sponsored by Westaff’s parent company, the Mount Family Group, Ltd. (based in Williston, VT). This sweepstakes is giving away $1,000 a month to the winning Westaff or Remedy associate drawn from a pool of eligible associates working for the Mount Family Group’s Westaff and Remedy offices in VT, NH, NY, MA and RI from July through December of 2016. See the website for the official rules.

In December of 2015 Dennis went to the Westaff office in Claremont, NH after he was laid off due to a seasonal slowdown in the furniture business. He was hired and placed on assignment the following day at Drew’s in Chester, VT. When asked about his experience finding a job with Westaff, he said he spent weeks prior applying for jobs around the area with no luck and wished he had not wasted his time and started at Westaff on day one of his job search. His experience was great.

Dennis works Monday through Saturday and performs a number of functions at Drew’s including clean up, sorting, production, fill-in batcher, and sanitation. Drew’s was so impressed with Dennis’ work ethic and value that they hired him on as a full-time employee in August of this year.

When we met with Dennis to take some photos with the prize check we asked what he is going to do with his $1,000. Dennis said that he is a single father of a 13-year-old son and already spent the money paying off bills. He is extremely grateful that he won this sweepstakes. Congratulations Dennis!

We are currently hiring. If you are looking for a new position or know someone that is, apply or contact us at Westaff or Remedy to chat about open opportunities! Who knows, you could be our next Make Real Change winner!

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