Frequently Asked Questions for Employers

Not sure what to expect once you hire Westaff to find employees for you?Check out our answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive from Employers such as yourself.

What is your hiring process?

All applicants must complete an application, participate in an interview with one of our Westaff Recruiters, and watch a brief orientation video prior to being considered for an assignment. All applicants must provide documentation proving that they are eligible to work in the United States and may be asked to submit to a drug test and reference and background checks.

When Westaff employees are working on an assignment for me, who is considered their employer?

When Westaff employs workers for one of your assignments, Westaff will remain as their employer. Their Westaff Recruiter will be their contact for all assignments and employment issues.

Will I be responsible for managing Westaff employees when they are working on an assignment?

Westaff provides On-Site Recruiters who are trained staffing professionals. They act as the primary liaison between your management team, departments, Human Resources, third-party vendors, and your contingent workforce. They will handle all aspects of managing large numbers of temporary employees, recruiting, screening, training, and reporting to ensure you get quality service 100% of the time.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount of time that an assignment should last?

Assignments may range in length from one day to six months or longer. Some can even be Direct Placements, where we hire somebody to fill a more permanent position within your staff.

What should I do once the assignment has ended?

Have the Westaff employees contact their Westaff Recruiter once the assignment has ended so that they can be considered for a new assignment.

What is the policy if Westaff employees are late or fail to show up?

If for any reason one of our employees fails to show up or is late please notify Westaff as soon as possible. This way we can immediately send out a replacement in order to meet your needs.

If a Westaff employee were to become injured during one of my assignments, am I liable?

No, you are not liable if an accident occurs and one of our employees is injured on the job. Although, if this were to happen please contact their Westaff Recruiter or safety coordinator immediately! They are employed by Westaff and covered by Westaff’s Workers’ Compensation Insurance. We must be notified immediately so that we can make sure that they are given care and attention at the proper medical facility.

Will I have to offer Westaff Employees the same benefits that I offer my own staff?

No, those that are employed by Westaff will receive benefits from Westaff.

Will the employees Westaff hires for my assignment be competent and hardworking?

Westaff utilizes custom, patented programs and cutting-edge recruiting techniques that allow us to better rate job seekers in categories such as skills, experience, reliability and integrity. Visit our Recruiting and Screening Page for a breakdown of these programs. Or visit our Case Studies Page to hear local and regional business owners talk to their specific experiences.