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Westaff Faces: Looking Beneath the Surface

"I really believe that we are like agents like a baseball star has an agent advocating for them, our job is to not be on the surface, to dig deeper and really get to know everyone on the employee side and the client side."

- James Mount, Westaff Franchise Owner

The Story of a Superstar

The Story of a Superstar

"I quickly learned that [temporary employment] was an excellent opportunity to try out new companies and also explore work I never thought I'd try before."

- Dominic Berrini, 2015 Westaff Employee of the Year

Write Your Own Ticket

Write Your Own Ticket

"It's easier to sell yourself when you have someone else selling you...Chances are we can get [you] into some of those companies that [you] were just trying to get into."

- Chris Mount, Personnel Supervisor, Westaff

Gordon's Window decor

Gordon's Window Decor

 "I feel so happy when I get to just email Westaff and say ‘Get me a Person’, and they email back and say ‘Here’s your Person’. It’s a half hour versus twelve. I just know they’re a great company, and it’s no question they’re doing their homework."

- Kelly Conklin, Chief Operating Officer, Gordon’s Window Decor

Bond Web Video

Bond Auto Parts

Vermont's Auto Parts Store

 "Our philosophy is that our people are the thing that distinguishes us... Our competitors are selling... the same products we are. They more or less have a similar business model. We think the difference between us and them is the service we provide, and that... is about our people."

- Chris Bond, Bond Auto

Rhino Foods

Burlington VT

"Westaff is the only one that really came through for me. [Fran] went out of her way to help me find jobs."

- Carl Johnson, former Westaff recruit and currently full time with the Warehouse Team at Rhino Foods Inc.

L. Brown & Sons Printing, Inc.

Barre VT

“I was asking [Westaff] to find me 30 people basically from 7 in the morning till midnight. I was basically accepting 325 to 375 palettes in… then trucking out 675 palettes of finished product outbound and I had 6 days to do it….[Westaff] showed up and managed the staff on our behalf. Not only did they provide the staffing solution, they provided the scheduling daily operational oversight management. I could then focus totally on the project which was huge and very successful.”

- Jim Brown, Production Director, L. Brown & Sons Printing