Frequently Asked Questions for Job Seekers

Not sure what to expect? Below are the answers.

What is your hiring process?

All applicants must complete an application, participate in an interview with one of our Westaff Recruiters, and watch a brief orientation video prior to being considered for an assignment. All applicants must provide documentation proving that they are eligible to work in the United States and may be asked to submit to a drug test and reference and background checks.

When I am on an assignment for one of Westaff’s customers, who is my employer?

Regardless of which of Westaff’s customers you work for, Westaff is always your employer. Your Westaff Recruiter is your contact for all work assignments or employment issues.
In some cases such as our “Temp to Hire” program or if a client expresses the desire to hire a Westaff employee on full time, your Westaff Recruiter will discuss and walk you through that process prior to any changes going into effect.

How long does an assignment last?

Assignments may range in length from one day to six months or longer. Some are simply Direct Placements, where you will become a staff employee of the client right away.

What should I do if my job duties are different than those that were described to me?

Please notify your Westaff Recruiter immediately, especially if safety is a concern.

What should I do if my assignment has ended?

Be sure to let your Westaff Recruiter know when your work assignment ends so we can consider you for a new assignment.

What is the policy if I’m unable to report to work or will be in late?

If for any reason you must be late or absent from your assignment, notify Westaff as soon as possible. This permits Westaff to meet our customer’s needs by sending a replacement.

When should I submit my timecard?

All timecards must be turned in by 9:00 A.M. Monday morning in order to be paid on Friday of the same week.

When can I expect to be paid?

Payday is Friday of the week you submit your properly filled-in timecard (if Friday is a holiday, then payday will be the preceding Thursday).

What should I do if I am injured while on assignment?

If an accident occurs and you are injured while on the job, call your Westaff Recruiter or safety coordinator immediately! You are employed by Westaff and covered by Westaff’s Workers’ Compensation Insurance. We must be notified immediately so that we can make sure you are given care and attention at the proper medical facility.

Am I eligible for benefits through Westaff?

Westaff will assign you a Benefit Type. You will be provided with a benefit summary sheet at the end of your initial interview that describes the benefits appropriate for your classification.

What is Westaff’s Referral Bonus Program?

Westaff offices may offer a referral bonus for each qualified employee referred to Westaff. Contact your Westaff Recruiter for more information about effective dates and conditions.

What is Westaff’s Safety Bonus Program?

Westaff has an ongoing safety incentive program. We offer rewards to those temporary employees who take their personal safety seriously. Please contact your Westaff Recruiter to find out more about this exciting and rewarding program! Programs vary according to branch location and client company.

Do I have to pay Westaff a service fee?

No. Westaff does not charge you a fee. Our payment comes from the client companies utilizing our services for placement.

Will I make less money because I’m placed through Westaff vs. being hired by a company directly?

Westaff cannot control how your pay rate compares with other employees in a company. In most circumstances Westaff employees make the same wages as other employees at their level in the company.

How long does it take to be placed in a position?

This is a popular but tough question. Our goal is to always find well matched placement for clients and job seekers as quickly as possible. Our placement opportunities are driven solely by our clients’ needs, expectations and requirements, so there is no set time frame on when one job seeker can expect placement.

Will I have the same opportunities as an employee who has been working with Westaff longer?

Westaff values any employee who has a proven track record, reputation, skill set and references. A great company is not built on just one or two of these kinds of employees, and so Westaff is always seeking great NEW candidates to add to our staff.

If I am moving from out of state, when is the best time to contact you?

For anyone relocating we suggest contacting our office a few weeks before your anticipated relocation date.